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A True Story


Murder At The Pony Club  •  A True Story
Music written and composed by Guillaume Senouillet, Thomas Harro and Frédéric Pinna  •  Lyrics written by Pierre Gérard

Recorded in March 2017 in Lamusicalme Studio Vendargues  •  Thanks to Lamusicalme association
Accompaniment / Technics : Fred and Marou  •  Assistants recording : Mitch  • Technical assistant : Christophe Pautonnier

Mix : Thomas Harro  •  Mastering : Jean-François Di Rienzo, THE OFFICE / THE ARTIST Studios
Cover : "Lost picture" by Adrien Breton, edited by Guillaume Senouillet

Webmaster : guiton.hxc  •  Web(absolute)master : Rémi Doubi

Thanks to Victoire 2 and Stand'Art association from Saint-Jean-De-Vedas and particulary Fred and Chintoff as "the crew" for hosting at the rehearsal studios and for their good fuc***g jokes.
To our women, to our children, for the (true) music... against the meanders...

Murder At The Pony Club  •  © 2018

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